Enjoying Your Time Away From Work

Enjoying Your Time Away From Work

Professional And Amateur Pros And Cons Of ATV Graphics

Konsta Laitinen

ATV graphics are usually vinyl stickers that can be placed on an ATV, otherwise known as a four-wheeler. ATVs are common recreation vehicles for people who live in open areas that allow for the large off-road terrain vehicles to parade around. The graphics are what make an ATV unique, as many graphics are custom designed. Racers who practice on their ATV daily are often part of a team, and the team will design its own colors, graphics, and team name that are all printed on a vinyl graphic. The ATV graphics are printed at a print shop that prints other stickers, posters, or banners. Graphics can be selected from existing lists of what other riders have on their vehicles, or print shops can artistically create a new design that will be specific to your ATV. They are like stickers and should be applied directly to the plastic covers all around the ATV. The application works best if the ATV is dry, clean from dirt and mud, and if the stickers will have plenty of time to stick to the four-wheeler. Once the graphics have been applied, there is usually some kind of transparent tape that goes over the top to add a layer of protection against the weather elements. The right ATV graphics will transform an amateur's ride into something envied by even the most veteran riders on the track. Some riders who perform in national tournaments will have sponsors, and the sponsors will deliver the ATV graphics to the rider. These graphics have either the sponsor's name, logo, or a combination of both, and the graphics will often be put on the side of the ATV or in the back, behind the rider, so that cameras will capture the sponsor name and logo during the race. The anatomy of an ATV is complex, but the plastic covers protecting all of the shocks, struts, starters, and coils are where the vinyl graphics will go. Most graphic kits come with graphics for the front tank, the front and side graphics, and sometimes a graphic for the back of the ATV. Kits can be found and customized online, or purchased from off-road vehicle retail stores. There is no shortage of ATV graphic design; there are many styles that should mesh well with the personality of any rider. Hardcore riders with a flair for the rock and roll culture might enjoy skull and crossbones graphic that lets other riders know who operates the ATV. A fiery rider with a strong attitude and desire for speed might pick a graphic that has yellow and orange flames all about it. Even female riders trying to make a name for the less observed athletes can represent their gender well with pink graphics that have hearts and stars all around. A high quality ATV graphic will be of a solid vinyl material that doesn't show the color of the ATV underneath. While many stickers are somewhat transparent, the whole purpose of decorating your ATV with graphics is so that people see the graphics and not the original color beneath the graphics. No ATV graphics will last forever, and because of the constant exposure to sun, rain, wind, and other elements, the graphics will probably need replacing every few years. Whether you race as part of a team or just take out your ATV for your own exploring and recreation, ATV graphics can help to set your vehicle apart from all the others. Some sponsors might require that your ride with graphics during training and tournaments, but graphics are a nice personal choice for anyone who wants to add a personal touch to their recreational vehicle. For more information on ATV graphics, please follow the linked text.



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