Enjoying Your Time Away From Work

Enjoying Your Time Away From Work

5 Often-Forgotten Tasks to Tackle Before Putting Your RV into Winter Storage

Konsta Laitinen

Before putting your RV in storage for the winter, you obviously have to take winterization steps like putting winter-ready antifreeze into the system and inflating the tires. But beyond this basic maintenance, there are several preparation tasks that RV owners often forget to tackle until it's too late. To make matters easier when you pull your RV back out of storage in the spring, make sure you don't skip these steps.

Lubricate your locks.

Even in a well-insulated storage unit, there will be some changes in temperature and moisture levels in the winter. To ensure this does not leave your locks stiff and hard to open, apply a graphite spray lubricant to all of your locks. Turn the key in the lock a few times after applying the lubricant to make sure you distribute it well.

Open your drawers and cabinets.

If you keep the drawers and cabinets closed, they'll be a much more inviting space for pests to hide. Don't forget any cabinets in the bathroom or under the beds. Of course, you should remove all consumable goods that might attract rodents and bugs from the cabinets, too.

Close the blinds.

Unless you're parking the RV in a storage facility with no windows whatsoever, it will probably see some sunlight throughout the winter. This sun can shine right through your RV windows and bleach out your upholstery and carpet over time. Draw the shades or blinds down to minimize this effect.

Defrost the freezer.

If you just pull everything out of the freezer and turn it off, any ice in the freezer is going to melt, dripping down and causing water damage. So, a day or two before you need to put the RV in storage, defrost the freezer and catch any draining water in a bucket. Mop up any spills, and then wipe the freezer out with vinegar and water to combat any odors that may develop. Store the RV with the fridge and freezer compartment open.

Place ant traps throughout the RV.

Even after you clean the unit well, there are likely to be a few lingering crumbs somewhere. To ensure you don't come back to an ant infestation, put a few closed ant traps throughout the living area. Use a Post-it note to record how many you places you used, and stick it on the table. This way, you can make sure you remember to pick them all up again when you take the RV out of storage.

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