Enjoying Your Time Away From Work

Enjoying Your Time Away From Work

Oceanfront Vacation Homes Close To The Bronx

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If you live in The Bronx, and you want to buy a vacation home near the ocean, you have a number of options. This article is going to focus solely on vacation homes that are located on the east coast, and within a comfortable driving distance. So, you are not going find northern Maine or South Beach, Florida. The spots here are best for people who want a place they can drive to on a Friday afternoon after work and spend the weekend at.

Point Pleasant, New Jersey

For many people living in New York City, the Jersey Shore is the most popular oceanfront area to consider. It's not as expensive as Long Island, it's easy to get to, and there are tons of cool towns to look at. From The Bronx, you just jump on the Major Degan then hook up with the Garden State Parkway and drive south. However, it's also super convenient for friends and family who want to visit during the summer and don't have cars. They can just take NJ Transit (which runs trains to all the major stops on the shore).

Point Pleasant is a really cool beachfront community. It's got a boardwalk and all of the classic amenities of a beach town. What it doesn't have are the huge crowds and tremendous party noise and atmosphere that you find in some other places (seaside heights, for example). So if you want the beautiful Jersey Shore atmosphere, and not the MTV Jersey Shore, then Point Pleasant is a perfect pick.

Montauk, Long Island

While Long Island tends to be expensive, that's not the case for all the towns. Most people associate Long Island oceanfront homes with The Hamptons. This is where the idea that Long Island is super expensive comes from. The Hamptons are for the rich and the area is exclusive. However, if you head out past Sag Harbor, Westhampton, and Southhampton, and go all the way out to the eastern end of Long Island, you will find Montauk. This was once an important fishing village. It is still a destination point for NYC fisherman who want to go deep sea fishing. The area is not as developed as The Hamptons, so you are more likely to find small cottages than multi-million dollar mansions. It's an easy drive from The Bronx, and it is also an easy ride on the LIRR from Penn Station. The just ride the Long Island Rail Road to the final stop. There is also a bus that goes to Montauk from midtown during the summer.

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