Enjoying Your Time Away From Work

Enjoying Your Time Away From Work

Tree Hunting: Benefits of Using a Short Barrel Rifle

Konsta Laitinen

When going hunting, there are many places where you can choose to hunt. A tree stand is one of the more popular options. You have the ability to see further away, stay hidden from animals, and reduce the amount of noise that you plan on making. Along with your own body positioning, it's important to have a comfortable weapon when you're sitting up high in a tree.

This is where a short barrel rifle comes in. These rifles have several advantages that make them easy for hunting. Learning about the advantages can make it a lot easier for you to make a purchasing decision as you shop for hunting guns.

Climbing Trees

Getting up to your tree stand is one of the more important processes to consider before you can settle down and start hunting. One of the biggest challenges with this is if your rifle is too large or heavy. The bulky size of a standard rifle can make it extremely challenging to climb up a tree and position yourself safely. Even if the gun is strapped to your back, it can be hard to properly climb and balance as you make your way up the tree.

Short barrel rifles are lighter and easier to manage. You do not need to worry about a long barrel getting tangles up in branches, leaves, or other obstacles as you climb. The lighter weight of the guns will give you less fatigue as you climb up and get settled into your position. It will be a lot easier to set the gun down on a seat, climb into your seat and then retrieve the gun again.

Staying Camouflage

As you position yourself in a tree stand, it's important to try and stay as camouflage as possible so that your prey cannot see you from a distance. A long barrel can poke out and give away your position. When you are using a short barreled rifle, you have the ability to to keep the gun close and then quickly have it ready when you need to shoot. It will not be cumbersome to pull out the gun out and you can aim it without creating too much noise or movement. The swinging sensation or quick movement of a long barrel can alert wild animals and cause them to run in the opposite direction.

Close Range Shots

Using an SBR gives you the ability to shoot at a close range. For example, if a deer or other wild animal is walking underneath the tree, it's a lot easier to point straight down or at a slight angle. You do not need to wait for the animal to walk out further. You can point the gun in multiple directions and have easy access to multiple angles as needed. This will allow you to get the first shot off correctly instead of taking multiple shots or missing the kill all together.

Gun Accessories

When you purchase an SBR gun for tree stand hunting, you also have the ability to purchase a number of accessories with it. Scopes can help you see in the distance and get ready for an accurate shot. Shorter guns can be packaged with a silencer to help reduce sound and vibration on the gun. This will help prevent scaring the rest of the animals away when you are taking a shot. There are also a number of carrying cases that can be purchased. This makes it easier to climb up the tree or keep it strapped on a tree stand if you are not using it.

If you love to hunt in tree stands, then it is worth trying out an SBR for your main weapon. Browse SBR sales online to find your best options.


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