Enjoying Your Time Away From Work

Enjoying Your Time Away From Work

Etiquette Tips To Remember When You Shop For Your First Rifle

Konsta Laitinen

Once you earn your gun license, it's time to begin shopping for your first rifle. This is an exciting process, and you'll likely find that there are a number or reputable vendors in your city that can help you. To make this process go smoothly, it's important to know a handful of etiquette rules. This will help you avoid annoying the salesperson and your fellow shoppers, as well as embarrassing yourself. An obvious rule is to never point an unloaded firearm at anyone, but there are a handful of other rules that you should keep in mind. Here are three to remember.

Don't Act Shady

It might sound simple, but being calm and acting maturely is paramount in a gun shop. If you act in a nervous and excited manner, you'll make those around you uncomfortable. Given the serious nature of the business, gun store employees have a right to be inquisitive about someone who seems overly excited to get a gun in his or her hands. Technically, someone could get a gun, load it, and begin shooting — and this means that if you're acting in a peculiar manner, the sales rep might not feel comfortable serving you.

Treat The Gun As If It's Loaded

A good rule of thumb is to treat every gun that you handle as though it's loaded. In fact, you may wish to safety the gun when it's handed to you — that is, remove the magazine to ensure that it's empty and check the chamber. Doing so will immediately make the sales rep comfortable, as these actions show that you're a serious, mature gun shopper. Keep the firearm pointed down as you get used to holding it in your hands, and always keep your finger outside of the trigger ring. If you wish to pull the trigger, which may be necessary to check the trigger pull, keep the weapon low and advise the sales rep in advance.

Don't Be A Know-It-All

Remember that you're a relative novice and that going to a gun shop is an ideal opportunity to learn a lot. It's OK to admit that you don't know a ton of information about guns; in fact, doing so may compel the sales reps to go out of their way to help you. You can count on the sales staff knowing more than you, which means that if you attempt to sound more informed than you actually are, you'll likely annoy them and the buying process may be less than enjoyable.

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