Enjoying Your Time Away From Work

Enjoying Your Time Away From Work

Glass Pipe Care Tips

Konsta Laitinen

Water pipes can be essential tools for those that enjoy smoking. However, it can be difficult to find a pipe that can become your favorite. This will make it essential to be sure that you are taking a couple of steps to protect your favorite glass pipe from routine issues that it may experience.

Clean The Pipe

One of the most common forms of maintenance that will need to be done to the glass pipe is cleaning it. Large amounts of residue and grime can gather on the interior of the pipe. In addition to altering the taste when you're smoking from the pipe, this can also severely inhibit the ability of air to flow through the pipe.

While cleaning a pipe may seem like it will be difficult to do, it does not have to be a hard task. Simply soaking the pipe in rubbing alcohol can help to dissolve much of the residue that is on the interior of the pipe. Some of the residue may not fully dissolve using this approach, but you can mix a small amount of salt with the alcohol. The abrasion from the salt can help to remove any residue that remains. If you do not want to go through the effort of mixing salt with the alcohol, you can use pipe cleaners to clean residue that may remain after initially soaking it in alcohol.

Keep It In A Protective Case

The glass that is used in water pipes will be extremely resistant to breaking, cracking, and shattering. However, it can still be possible for these types of damage to occur if the pipe were to fall a great distance or bump into other hard items. You will need to keep the pipe in a protective case if you want to prevent this damage from occurring. Ideally, this case should have a fabric interior so that the most protection will be offered to your pipe. In addition to avoiding damage, keeping the pipe in a case will also prevent dust from gathering on the pipe.

Using a glass pipe will be an efficient way of enjoying a relaxing smoking experience. However, you will need to properly care for these pipes. By being familiar with the techniques that you can use to clean the interior of the pipe as well as the protective steps for keeping the pipe safe from damage, you will be able to ensure that the glass pipe is ready for the next time that you want to use it.


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