Enjoying Your Time Away From Work

Enjoying Your Time Away From Work

3 Thrill-Seeking Adventures To Include On Your Bucket List

Konsta Laitinen

In a recent survey, 95% of the respondents said that they have a bucket list. Many people include things like destinations they wish to travel to on their bucket list. Others make their bucket list more goal-oriented, like buying a home or getting out of debt. Then there are those who want to experience the thrill of a lifetime before they die. If this is you, here are three thrill-seeking adventures to include on your bucket list.

1. Go Skydiving

Jumping out of an airplane is not for the faint of heart. Once thought to be a dangerous sport, skydiving is now safer than ever, thanks to updated training policies and strict safety guidelines. In 2018, of the 3.3 million jumps, only 13 of them resulted in a fatality.

If you are serious about putting skydiving on your bucket list, here are some tips to help you prepare for your first skydive:

  • Prepare yourself mentally
  • Wear snug-fitting clothing and tennis shoes
  • Don't eat too much before the jump, but be sure to eat something

On the day of your skydiving adventure, you'll want to make sure you get photos and a video so that you can remember every detail of your experience for years to come.

2. Swim with the Dolphins

Whether you like the water or not, swimming with the dolphins is more of a calm and relaxing experience, but thrilling nonetheless. If you're not comfortable in the water, you don't have to worry, as it can be done in shallow or deep water.

Here are some of the best places throughout the world where you can swim with these beautiful and amazing animals:

  • Key Largo, Florida
  • Honolulu, Hawaii
  • Punta Cana, Dominican Republic
  • Dolphin Cay Atlantis in the Bahamas
  • Riviera Maya Park in Mexico

Some of these places contain dolphinariums, whereas other places offer tours specifically geared toward swimming with the dolphins.

3. Drive a Racecar

If you don't want to go up in the air, or into the water for your thrill-seeking adventure, you can always drive a race car. Don't worry, though, because sticking to land doesn't mean you're not going to have an experience of a lifetime.

While you're not going to drive as fast as the NASCAR drivers, you can still suit up in racing gear, communicate with a racing instructor, and even pass other cars. If you're not up for driving a race car, you can always do a ride-along with a real race car driver.


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