Enjoying Your Time Away From Work

Enjoying Your Time Away From Work

Health Benefits Of Continuing Your Cycling Over The Winter At An Indoor Facility

Konsta Laitinen

Some bicycling enthusiasts hang their bicycles in the garage late in the fall and look forward to getting back out for a ride when spring arrives, but this isn't the only way to behave if you live in a state with cold winters. You might want to determine if there's an indoor winter training center in your area that can allow you to fit regular cycling workouts into your routine. Doing so isn't just about pursuing your love of cycling — there are also numerous health benefits that you'll miss if you hang up your bike for the winter. Here are some benefits of continuing to ride at a facility.

A Boost For Your Mental Health

If you ever notice that you feel a little more depressed during the winter, you may be dealing with some form of seasonal affective disorder. This condition causes people to feel down during the winter months, which may affect your quality of life for what amounts to a considerable percentage of the year. Cardiovascular exercises such as cycling are good for your mental health because of the endorphins that they release. This means that if you're contending with SAD, you can help to relieve the symptoms by visiting an indoor cycling center. Or, if you visit steadily from the fall onward, you may never encounter SAD-related symptoms.

Prevention Of Winter Weight Gain

It's easy to pack on a few pounds during the winter. Many people don't get as much exercise during these months, and the temptation to huddle on the couch with some heavy comfort food when it's cold outside is often present. If you find that you've gained weight during past winters and have to work hard to burn excess fat in the spring, cycling throughout the winter may be a good idea for you. By continuing your cycling workouts indoors, you'll keep your body in optimal shape instead of gaining weight.

Help For Your Arthritis

If you're noticing some symptoms of arthritis, you may find that your joints are especially sore when it's cold outside. This can compel you to stay indoors, but the issue with doing so is that when you aren't moving, your joints can get even sorer. Exercise is valuable for reducing arthritis-related discomfort, and the nice thing about pedaling indoors is that you don't have to worry about pain from the cold. By buying a winter membership at an indoor cycling facility, you'll be augmenting your health in several ways.


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