Enjoying Your Time Away From Work

Enjoying Your Time Away From Work

Billiard Table Styles To Consider When You Shop

Konsta Laitinen

Adding a billiard table to your home can provide you and your family with hours of entertainment, as well as give you a chance to refine your billiard skills. When you start to shop for a table, it's a good idea to think about where you'll place the table. The answer will partially dictate what style of table you buy. Retailers that carry a wide selection of billiard tables will give you a chance to look at several styles so that you can choose one that will suit the surrounding space in your home. Here are three styles that you'll commonly find.


A classic or traditional billiard table offers a look that many people favor. It will often be made of hardwood that is stained in a dark color. Brown and reddish-brown are popular hues. While you'll sometimes find classic-looking billiard tables that have straight legs, it's also common to find those that have legs that have some degree of a curve. This type of table will also have leather pockets. Because of their use of wood, classic tables are very heavy and sturdy. This can be something that you favor when you lean onto the table to make a shot.


You'll also find rustic tables for sale, which can be a good choice if you primarily decorate your home in a rustic style and feel that a classic table wouldn't be a good visual match. Rustic billiard tables can differ in design. Some will have wood that looks faded and worn, which adds visual warmth. Some rustic pool tables can even use wooden logs as their legs, which can provide somewhat of a western-style that may work well in certain homes.


While there are also ultra-modern billiard tables that can work in certain environments, a contemporary style can be a good fit in many peoples' homes. There are all sorts of designs that fit within this category. For example, you might find a table in which the wood for the legs is cut straight and stained or painted in a dark hue. This can be a look that matches a wide range of contemporary furniture, which may be important if you're placing the table in a room that has a nearby table with chairs. Some contemporary designs also have different felt options, which can further enable you to match this style of table to the room.

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