Enjoying Your Time Away From Work

Enjoying Your Time Away From Work

Tips for Training Your Baseball Team

Konsta Laitinen

When you're interested in winning it all this year, you need to be willing to always improve as a baseball coach. Putting your players through a solid and thorough program will help you get the best results this season, while also training them to become better at their game. Your role as the coach will be infinitely more rewarding, and you'll create some fond memories with your players that can last a lifetime. In this article, you'll learn more about some baseball training tips that'll be useful to you and your entire team. 

Build lots of muscle memory between the eyes and body

The eyes are some of the most important tools your players have. Being able to make solid eye contact is the difference between several points on a player's batting average and their ability to pitch and field the ball cleanly without errors. Train your players' eyes thoroughly and consistently so that this recognition carries over into their entire skillset. 

You can introduce your players to several hand-eye coordination drills that will teach their bodies to respond correctly and with quick reflexes. Make sure that they're hitting on the tee and participating in soft toss every single practice to slow things down and train their muscle memory with precision. 

Ramp up your conditioning program and skills building

You need to put together a well-conditioned team if you have aspirations of winning it all. Put some high-intensity interval training (HIIT) exercises to use so that your players are quick on their feet and trained to get quality output in short, explosive bursts. Mix these up with long-distance runs to make sure that your team has the cardio to make it through full games and extra innings whenever possible.

This is especially important when your team plays well into the summer months, where hot weather and the stop-and-start nature of baseball can be particularly draining. Put your players on a weight regimen as well so that they can get stronger and have more muscle endurance. 

Introduce your players to specialized coaching that'll help with their individual positions. Your pitchers and catchers will need extra attention to build a rapport with each other and to develop the nuances that those positions entail. Hire additional coaches to help your pitchers with speed and control, and make sure that your infielders and outfielders run through several drills related to their positions. Investing in a camp or baseball academy can be the best step you take for your team. 

Follow these tips to get your team ready for the season. For more information, contact a baseball training academy near you to learn more.


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