Enjoying Your Time Away From Work

Enjoying Your Time Away From Work

Pay Attention To These Details When You Shop For Fish Hooks

Konsta Laitinen

While there are all sorts of elaborate examples of fishing tackle to buy, you'll also want some standard fish hooks in your tackle box. They'll come in handy when you're fishing with worms and minnows, and you may even be able to use one of these hooks to replace the broken hook on a larger lure. When you visit a fishing tackle store and look at its selection of plain fish hooks, you'll see that there are all sorts of different products. Here are some details that you should think about when you shop for the right hooks for you.

Barbed Or Barbless

You'll need to decide whether you want barbed or barbless hooks when you shop. There are advantages to both designs, and you can expect that your fishing tackle store will have both options for sale. Barbed fish hooks are less likely to slide out of a fish's mouth, which can be ideal if you're going to eat what you catch and you don't want to lose a fish that bites your hook. The big advantage of barbless hooks is that they're easier to remove from a fish's mouth without causing damage, which can be appealing for some anglers.

Eye Size

You'll also want to note the size of the eye on the end of the fish hooks. The eye is the circular piece of metal through which you pass your fishing line. You'll find fish hook eyes in a number of different sizes. You should think about the quality of your eyesight and the dexterity of your fingers. For example, if you're younger, you probably won't have trouble threading the end of your line through a tiny eye. However, if you're older, this can be a challenge, so you'll want to buy hooks that have larger eyes.

Shank Length

The shank of a fish hook is the long, straight piece of metal that runs between the eye at one end and the curved section at the other. The length of the shank influences the length of the hook as a whole, and it is worth thinking about when you shop. It can be easier to fit a worm or a minnow on a hook that has a longer shank. Hooks with a shorter shank may be appealing if you're fishing for fish that are small. Speak to a salesperson to learn more about fish hooks as you decide which product will be best for your next fishing outing.

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