Enjoying Your Time Away From Work

Enjoying Your Time Away From Work

Catch Largemouth Bass During An Ice Fishing Session

Konsta Laitinen

Largemouth bass are most active in warm waters. This does not restrict an angler from catching a bounty of this fish species during the winter, however. Ice fishing for largemouth bass is a fun recreational activity that can be enjoyed any time of the day.

Winter Habits

Largemouth bass spend time in areas where weeds are growing. Vegetation that is growing alongside or in a body of water may be several feet below the waterline. If you are well-versed in where vegetation normally grows during the spring, summer, and fall and have participated in largemouth bass fishing sessions before, use the locations to help you choose where you will set up your ice fishing station.

Largemouth bass will move much more slowly in cold water than if they were in warm water. As their metabolism lessens, they will not be on the lookout for much food. They will be observant of small offerings that will satisfy their nutritional needs. The habits of a largemouth bass may influence you to bring a fishing chair along with you. You will need to have plenty of patience while waiting for a fish to bite. Use small pieces of live bait or chunks of meat to attract fish to your fishing line.

Fishing Gear

In the winter, the sluggishness of a largemouth bass will warrant the use of a lightweight fishing rod. The fish that you attract may not require you to exert yourself while you reel each fish in. A waterproof chest can be used to store the fish that you will be bringing home with you. If you are interested in participating in an all-night adventure, setting up an ice fishing tent will protect you from the elements.

An ice fishing tent will have an open area along the center of it that will allow you to drill holes into the ice. A portable fish finder uses sonar and will help you pinpoint where largemouth bass are located. This type of device isn't a requirement for a successful fishing adventure, but will likely make it much easier for you to catch a group of fish during each ice fishing stint.

A comfortable reclining chair, a bedroll, and some food and beverages are some other items that you will want to bring along with you on an all-night fishing trip. Once you have set up your camp, drill one or more holes that you will use while fishing.

Contact a local fishing charter to learn more about bass fishing.


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