Enjoying Your Time Away From Work

Enjoying Your Time Away From Work

Reasons To Book A Longer Tiki Boat Tour

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When you visit the website of a local floating tiki boat tour company to learn about its outings, you'll often see that boat tours are available in several different lengths. For example, you might see 1 hour, 1.5 hours, and even 2 or more hours. While it's a good idea to discuss this topic with those who will be accompanying you on this outing, there are several advantages to choosing a tiki boat tour that is on the longer side. Provided that everyone in your group has a similar mindset, you can contact the tour company and choose your preferred tour length. Here are some reasons to have a longer tiki boat tour.

More Relaxing

A lot of people will find that a longer boat tour is more relaxing than a short one. When you spend time on a tiki boat, your goal is almost certainly to relax with friends. A longer outing will give you more time to unwind and not think about the other things that you have to do that day. Instead, you can listen to some music, have a drink or two, and enjoy socializing with your friends. On a shorter tour, you might have a little trouble getting into a relaxed mode before the end of the outing.

Diverse Scenery

A longer tiki boat tour will often travel farther away from the marina, which will give you more scenery to enjoy. Whereas a short tour might stay close to the marina because there isn't time to travel too far, you'll enjoy seeing some new areas on a longer tour. If the water around the marina is often crowded with boats, a longer tour may give your boat captain a chance to visit an area that isn't as populated. This can be appealing for several reasons, but if your group plans to swim during the outing, you'll especially appreciate being in an area that isn't as crowded.

More Places To Enjoy

Larger tiki boats have a number of different spaces that people can enjoy. On a longer tour, you'll have a better opportunity to spend time in each of these areas. For example, you might sit at the bar with a couple of friends for a while, and then go to the bow of the boat and relax on one of the lounge chairs. If there's a swim platform at the stern of the vessel, this may be another area where you wish to hang out for a long period of time. The longer your tour, the easier it will be to enjoy each of these spaces.


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