Enjoying Your Time Away From Work

Enjoying Your Time Away From Work

Things To See At A Pioneer Village

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If you're looking for an outing that is informative, fun, and gets everyone away from their screens, you may wish to see if there's a pioneer village in your local area. These attractions are fixtures around the country and give people a chance to see what life was like during the pioneer days. Your family can easily spend a day at this attraction, and you can expect that your kids will learn a lot and may even be curious to further their knowledge about life in this era. There are lots of different things to see at a pioneer village, including the following.

Cow Milking

There's a good chance that your kids drink milk daily without spending much time thinking about where it comes from. When you visit a pioneer village, you'll want to visit the property's dairy barn. There, you can expect to see someone milking the cows by hand and explaining the process of turning the cow's milk into not only milk that people can drink but also dairy products such as butter. Often, the staff member will look for a few volunteers who want hands-on experience milking a cow. If your kids are brave, they might want to try.


Pioneer villages virtually always have a blacksmith building that visitors can check out to gain an appreciation of this traditional line of work. Your family will get to watch a blacksmith heating metal and hammering it to create different items. For example, they might be creating various metal elements for tools, for horses, or for other purposes. Your children will be impressed to watch the blacksmith heat the metal to the point that its glowing red, and then hear it hiss as the blacksmith dunks it into a barrel of water to lower its temperature.


Another place that you'll want to visit during your pioneer village adventure is the bakery. While the exact functionality of the bakery can depend on the village you're visiting, it's common to see one or more bakers turning wheat from a nearby field into flour, and then using the flour to bake bread in a fire-heated oven. Children — particularly those who enjoy helping you in the kitchen — will be interested in watching this process in front of them, and may have the opportunity to lend a hand in one or more ways. If you feel that a pioneer village visit would be a good activity for your family, look online to find one of these attractions near you.

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